The digital design and printing service from MSD Animal Health providing your practice with personalised communications.

 you can take care of your busy practice and communicate regularly and effectively with your customers using chameleon, a new design and print initiative from MSD Animal Health.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can create personalised vaccination reminders, vaccination certificates, greeting cards and more. Your professionally printed materials will be delivered to your practice or directly to your customer within 7 working days.

Available 24 hours a day to all qualifying veterinary practices, chameleon is fast, secure, and all managed by you – online.

Standard Design, or create your own?
No longer do you only have to choose from a range of existing materials with fixed designs. chameleon allows you to choose the design, text, logos and even the images used. This enables you to take complete control over your practice’s communications, offering you a true competitive advantage.

Save time with Mail Merge

You can achieve greater impact by personalising your communications using your client’s name. Mail merge automates this process by merging a data file containing names, addresses and even pet’s names if desired, with your reminder postcards during the printing process.

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In order to apply for access to Chameleon you need to first register an account with us.
Click here if you are already a registered user / a Chameleon user.


  • Online digital design and print system that provides control of your promotional material
  • Choose from a variety of templates and images
  • Editable areas to upload your own images
  • Create personalised cards with your client’s and their pet’s details
  • Edit text on the front and back to suit your practice requirements
  • Replace practice details on the back with any visual
  • Fast turnaround on processing and delivery
  • Do everything online – place order, check order history and delivery status
  • Navigate to Intervet and industry websites


  • Chameleon provides control over your messages and marketing material for your clients
  • Chameleon provides the ability to connect with your clients by personalising reminder cards to increase your response rate
  • Chameleon helps build your business by differentiating you from pet stores and other veterinary clinics
  • Chameleon provides the ability to build your business brand through exposure
  • Chameleon is easy to use, fast and secure
  • Promotional materials are printed and delivered within 7 days.